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x02 02-22-2016  Dense Energy Ultra Cell (DEUC)

Blue Horizon Innnovations successfully tests the DEUC energy storage layers demonstrating an  energy density and a dissipation factor equal to or greater than a lithium-ion battery.

However, the DEUC cell can operate at high voltages where a lithium cell can only provide up to 4 volts maximum.

For a 120 volt system, the DEUC provides 120 volts in a single cell where a lithium battery would require between  30 to 60 cells. The DEUC provides a significant reduction in cost, weight and footprint.

The DEUC also offers up to 100,000 recharge cycles that can utilize 90% of the charge for each charge-cycle compared to lithium-ion that provides betweeen 500 to 1,000 charge-cycles with only a 40% use of the charge per cycle.  

Current grid and alternative energy storage systems require 25 years of continuous operation. The DEUC provides over 30 years of continuous operation.

The DEUC is an important break-through for grid storage, power backup, alternative energy,  electric vehicles and military applications providing an advanced battery technology that supports over 30 years of continuous operation. 


Advancements in New and Alternative
Power Technologies to Help Secure our Planet's Future 

Blue Horizon Innovations  was formed to make a difference and to drive critial technologies for renewable energy and energy storage for conversion away from fossil fuels. Years of development are now coming together in efficient Clean Power Technologies.
Next Generation Technoloogies

Dense Energy Ultra-Cell 

The Dense Energy Ultra-Cell (DEUC) provides  energy density greater than lithium-ion batteries,  high individual cell voltage, extended recharge cycles and the elimination of hazardous materials. 


The DEUC is currently focused on high voltage applications such as grid and alterntative energy storage, power back-up and the electric vehicle markets.

3D Print Technology 

BHI develops nano -Inks for advanced fabrication of multilayer devices  and 3D print methods enabling  efficient fabrication of advanced electronics.   


BHI uses our advanced 3D print technology to fabricate the Dense Energy Ultra-Cell.

The 3D Print technology can be applied to a wide variety of multilayer devices.

BHI Advanced Fabrication Processes for our products
  support new high -tech jobs in science and manufacturing.

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